Secret Carved Out Book (with a special free gift)

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Hey, smarty-pants! Here's your chance to have a super-secret hide-a-way in plain sight. 

Pick from our collection of hand-carved, vintage books. Each is one-of-a-kind!

Every book comes with a FREE sample of our aphrodisiac THC-blend, Horny Ouid, in watermelon rolling paper and a re-useable wooden mouthpiece. 

Taste notes from our source:

The Horny Ouid blend pre-roll will guide you and your lover to new heights, you will be passionately enveloped in a fruity and musky cloud of bliss. We have three Sativa hybrid strains mingled together.
1.) Lollipopz is a patchwork of potent and pungent originally bred strains which will make you forget your plans and give you a sudden surge of Sativa, its light and airy.
2.) Dozicot is a cross between Dosidos x zittlez x Purple Apricot has a floral funkiness and will relieve any anxiety you may have high in mycrene with a super smooth body high.
3.) Our blend is finished off with our soaring Sativa hybrid Strawberry cough. This sugary sweet strain is high in limonine and beta caryophyllene will be your cupid's arrow, it lowers inhibitions and creates excitement.
The overall character of the Horny Ouid blend pre-roll is pungent, musky, sugary sweet with a spicy aftertaste. We hope you enjoy it. It's all rolled up in a delicious watermelon wrap!
Only available for customers 18+ within the United States where THC is legal.