Math Magazine & Official Tote

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Choose your issue of Math Magazine plus you'll receive our original, limited edition logo tote! 

Rep your fav porno mag with this high-quality tote, made locally and responsibly. 

Screenprinted by Kayrock in Brooklyn on ECO BAGS Everyday Shopper Canvas Tote Bag. Made of recycled cotton canvas. 

19" wide x 15.5" tall with a full 5" gusset
Over-most shoulders - 22" handles
Double stitched on all seams for durability
Tote made in India under the Fair Trade Fair Labor policy. 

ISSUE FIVE features ...

Nacho Casanova, Michelle Froh Claudot, Alfonse Dagada, Mattie Hinkley, BP Laval, Kira Shewfelt

Mathieu Andrieux, Nenetl Avril, Buck Angel, Tanner Wayne Blount, Laura Delarato, Dro, Heff Fox, Romy Furie, Happiness, Clam Jackson, Lola Jean, Colby Keller, Metaux Lourds, Traci Matlock, Ingrid Mouth, Mila Nijinsky, Nameless Slut, Stoya, Mark Tom, Jessica Valerio, Miranda Von Vogel 

Romy Alizée, Daniel Anton, Tanner Wayne Bount, Jarid Blue, Bruno Clement, Davide Absolute Resolution, Une Maitresse Femme, Mara Haro, Freshie Juice, Colby Keller, Neko, Ellen Stagg, Roy Stuart, Kevin Sussy, Mark Tom, Jessica Uçul, Jaka Vinsek, Meg Wachter, Milena Wojhan, Morgan Zakarin 

Dodo, Lauren Eve, Une Maitresse Femme, Grace Lions, Melissa Mesku, Jessica Rhones, S.C.R.I.B.E, A.L. Steiner, Cyn Grace Sylvie, Nessa Winters, Riley Yaxley 

Daniel Allegrucci, Amanda DeBisschop, Lizzo, Mag Mob, Mon & Dad, Fundraiser supporters 

8.5 x 11 inches, 96 pages
Editor-in-Chief: MacKenzie Peck
Staff: Veron Ames, Bianca Beltran, Dana Burns, 
Ginger Hollander, Emma Sturm, Kevin Sussy
Designed & Produced in Brooklyn, NY
Printed By: Linco Printing in Queens, NY

ISSUE SIX features ... 

Andrew Carr, Brianna Ashley Chin, Musta Fior, Marcin Krupa, Xiao Mei, Hannah Moghbel, Noomi Roomi, Alexandra Violet, Hannah Xenakis

petite Amie, Buck Angel, Nenetl Avril, Andrew Carr, Erin K. Coughlin, Matt A. Davis, Jennifer DeLong, Lindsay Dye, Amy Gavin, Elaine Kahn, M, Onali, Holden Taylor, Jane Terrana, Minnie Scarlet, Stoya

petite Amie, Buck Angel, Jeffrey Carter, Catherine Chambers, Willie Davis, Nola Darling, Fetish Fellow, Jia, Ryan Keely, Luna Leung, Maidenfed, Mary, Misty, Sam Morris Sean, neko, Xoe Nova, Samantha, Snash, tragic, Aaron Valenzuela, Saudade Vivian, Madison Young, Zoe

Daniel Allegrucci, Chantel Beam, Willie Davis, Sarah Deaner, Lauren Dickerhoof, Olimpia Dior, Constance & Eric, Aeric Meredith Goujon, Ginger Hollander, La Chatte au Miel, Ninja, MacKenzie Peck, Polina Pfliger, Emily Raw, Ellen Stagg, Ryan Day Thompson, Lindsay Wynn

MacKenzie Peck

Priyanka Badlani, Bianca Beltran, Julia Morrison, Emma Sturm, Holden Taylor, tragic, Sydney Wilson

Tiny D, Layout 
Amanda DeBisschop, Copy 
Sarah Jean Grimm, Poetry 
Fetish Fellow, Copy