MATH #9 (Anniversary)

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This is the biggest, most beautiful edition of MATH! The cover features a holographic foil and inside you'll find 200+ pages of unique, hot, and inclusive sexually explicit media. Not to mention the centerfold and extra nerdy fold-out. 

This is not about Math AT ALL! For more information visit

Math is a platform enabling sex-positive experiences through radical inclusiveness, community, and high-caliber collaboration. Our flagship title, Math Magazine is a bi-annual print-only publication featuring artwork and writing for an increasingly connected and sexually liberated world. We are creating a better world through personal liberation.


EDITORS: Dan Allegrucci, Fetish Fellow

INTERNS: Ella Murray, Taylor Pelton, Lisa Marie Zapata

ARTISTS: Acaciao, AdeY, Master Anon, Lanee Bird, Isabel Dresler, Roxanne Drip, Thibault Gaëtan Dubroca, Gilbert Espinosa, Bettine Frenzel, Alexandre Haefeli, Florian Hetz, Erika June, Maeva Komenan, Zachary Krevitt, Matt Lambert, Bojeung Leung, Dirty Lola, Likrot, Sean Morris, Libertad Photos, Amanda Picotte, Colin J. Radcliffe, Reema, Sleepykiwis, Eric Stanton, Cole Witter
AUTHORS: Sailor Amy, Ashley M. Chaina, Chloe Dominique, Gilbert Espinosa, Andrew Gurza, Vanilla Honey, Andrew Hutto, Jag, Corbin Knight-Dixon, Fallon E. Lane, Lee, Cammy Leon, Richard Pérez Seves, Annie Sprinkle, Beth Stephens, Sue, tatiana de la tierra

MODELS: Anon, Ayeisha, Betty, Daphne Brooks, Ramoan Bruce, Catherine Chambers, Loba Clark, Leather Conrad, Rhea Cybelle, Sarah Deaner, DTF, Daiju Edwards, Elle, Leeza Lakhter, Jenny Lederer, Dirty Lola, Cammy Leone, Nyah Mae, Mike, MK, Lydia Mokdessi, Corey More, Jason Morrison, Olive, Mia Paden, Ayn Randy, Ry, Ed September, Empress Wu, Zai

SPECIAL THANKS: Chaturbate, Empire Labs, Future Method, Mark Ghuneim, Goliath Books, Hacienda Brooklyn, Holyrad Studio, The Little Black Gallery, Mom & Dad, Schiffer Publishing, Tetra Shop